4/26/10 new show at Design Ranch

I am installing a new show of my color photography at the Design Ranch in Iowa City today (http://www.designranch.com/), including a series of photos of some favorite cobblestone beaches along Lake Superior’s north shore and some botanical work.


My annual North Star cherry tree photos. Love that cherry jam! Nancy’s been making a killer bbq sauce by mixing EK’s black currant jelly with ketchup. When the currant jelly runs out I think I’ll try my cherry or raspberry jam.


Our star magnolia has never looked more gorgeous, and it’s blooming at least a week earlier than ever before. Of course that means we’re in for a big wind and hail storm–never fails, and one is predicted today. Word from the Boundary Waters in northern Minnesota is that the ice is out–the earliest ice-out on record by over a week. I mowed the front yard Monday and cut a big bowl of lettuce and spinach from the garden yesterday. There’s usually still snow on the ground and frost in the ground this time in April.