A high-summer drive to the river

Nancy and I took a drive to Dubuque, Iowa Tuesday afternoon to pick up some artwork at the museum. Always a lovely day-trip from Iowa City, and Dubuque is so interesting these days. On the way back we took the scenic byway following the ridges and valleys of the Maquoketa and Wapsipinicon Rivers. It was like travelling by car through Middle Earth. The narrow concrete road, probably built in the 30’s, gets so little traffic anymore, what with the new freeway, that grass grows in all the cracks. Crossing a wide river valley at dusk the only lights for miles were ours and the heat lightning on the horizon, and the only sounds were the cicadas buzzing away and an occasional lawnmower in a farmyard. People, including me, are mowing after sunset to escape the heat. 85 degrees at 9PM and 100% humidity=heat index of 100. Panorama of Bellevue, Iowa and lock & dam #12 on the Mississippi River, Iowa by Nancy.