Harvest dinner 11/6/11

I was at Scattergood School & Farm, a 125-year old Quaker boarding school and organic farm near West Branch, Iowa Sunday, photographing a get-together of Practical Farmers of Iowa for The Iowan magazine. I set up my studio in the Hickory Grove Meeting House, an antique building with a very Shaker-esque interior. Four organic farm families from around the state, Scattergood, Grinnell Heritage Farm, Blue Gate Farm in Chariton and Genuine Faux (pronounced “fox”) Farm near Tripoli, have created a support group and have work days occasionally when they all meet at one farm, work all day, then share a big dinner. Lots of kids, dogs, incredible food and local wine (and home-made apple pie jam–that’s like my two favorite food groups in one jar!). 90% of the talk around the table was who was using which computer operating system, software program or how to set up computer networks on the farms. There’s so much technically wrong about the photo of the meal but I just couldn’t wait to sit down and eat.

roasted organic veggies/homemade jams in background