Mescalero Apache parfleche

Mescalero Apache parfleche envelope, circa 1875, L 24″ x W 11.5″, incised rawhide, pigment. Collected at Taos Pueblo. National Museum of the American Indian, Smithsonian Institution, #3/5404. Photographed in 1992 in the Bronx storage facility, New York. These objects, “parfleche”, were made from stretched buffalo hide and designed and painted by native American women in tribes all over what is now the western US, a tradition of abstract painting predating the Europeans. Shot for the book American Indian Parfleche, A Tradition of Abstract Painting, written by Gaylord Torrance, Nelson-Atkins Museum, Kansas City (4×5 Ektachrome).MescApacheF


This is the Brule River at sunrise, entering Lake Superior on Naniboujou Beach after a stormy night in northern Minnesota in 2013.  The arc in the atmosphere is a “fogbow” or white rainbow (there is no color because the water droplets are so tiny). 13.5″ x 20″ limited edition of 10 on Epson Hot Press 330 gsm fine art paper.MAT1617C